Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The Transportation Hoodies

transportation hoodies 004

The second edition of Makes for Mysterious Recipient: The Transportation Hoodies.

transportation hoodies Wheels

Follow my shameful adventures of crafting with under-used adorable fabrics, starting with Riley Blake's Wheel fabric.

transportation hoodies car detail

Reversed with chocolate-coloured drill and a car applique.

transportation hoodies 015

Next stop: Alexander Henry's Fly by Day, also making its debut. That's four fabrics in a row that I've been shamefully hoarding.

transportation hoodies 022

Backed with a red twill and plane applique.

I'm finally stumbling out of the tunnel of manic noctural crafting... final edition tomorrow!


  1. gorgeous!!! love them! :-)

    I love your hoodies, i would love to make some using your pattern, but I'm sure i'd never make them as well as you can!

    Soph will need another one soon.. im thinking... Fleece... in the fabric i sent you for Maia?? what do you think??

  2. wow! how cool! my lad would want trains though! (typical)

  3. Oh! My! Gosh!!! That is the most adorable fabric ever!!! I must find some for Logan and make more hoodies!!!!!

  4. So beautiful...I love these fabrics so much too! They look so sweet as hoodies.

  5. Shouldn't you be expanding yourself to Land of Nod (do they sell clothes?) or Land's End or some other catalog for kids? These jackets are just jaw-dropping awesome!