Sunday, 21 November 2010


A skirt for somber occassions

With the leftover grey doubleknit from Sarah's cowl dress, I quickly made myself this a-line skirt for a funeral on Friday. I wasn't sure of the dress code, and felt more comfortable in grey rather than head-to-toe black.

grey skirt longer

I made a very wide waistband rather than using elastic as it always cuts into my sides in an unsightly fashion. With the band, I could also wear the skirt at knee length with the band up or a couple of inches shorter with the band folded down.

grey skirt shorter

All and all, a super-fast and easy skirt that's a pretty good addition to my winter wardrobe.

grey skirt shorter side

Typically, I will probably make another half a dozen now and bore you silly.


  1. It's super cute! Did you use your Cal Patch drafting and just create a fold over waistband? I like how it works in knit.

  2. I did roughly use my Cool girls skirt pattern but I ended up having to take it in at the side seams quite a bit (4"+) because I didn't do darts and it's a knit. The waistband was just a rectangle a couple of inches smaller than my waist. It looks better folded down because the fabric is so stable it doesn't follow the curve of my waist and I have gapping when it's up. I think the waistband needs to be made of something a lot clingier and with better stretch recovery!

  3. very cool, i like it a lot...really suits you. Also, love your boots - where are they from?

  4. Nice skirt, I'm sorry about the sad occasion.

  5. Eilidh: They are Brasher Bolivar boots I really wanted Fly London Mez boots but the universe conspired against me so I ended up getting these ones on Ebay.

    Thanks, Louiz :)

  6. Awesome skirt - like the wide band idea to lengthen or shorten - looks great!