Friday, 26 November 2010


The Good, the Great and the Horrifying

Exciting times here today. Black Friday means lots of sales and bargains and for fabric excitement three of my favourite UK fabric shops are having sales:
  • M is for Make is having a 10% off sale through tomorrow night. Kate started tormenting me earlier this week with a 15% sale on Patti Young knits and I totally resisted until today when the additional discount drove me over the edge.
  • The Fabric Loft is also having a Black Friday sale through Sunday, with lots of nice fabrics and sewing patterns at a discount.
  • Although it's not technically a Black Friday sale (it's a colloboration with Gertie's latest sewalong!), Sewbox is offering 20% of their garment cottons through 6 December. Click on the Gertie link for the code.
Never one to let a bandwagon pass without jumping right on, if you've been thinking about buying one of my patterns enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout in Etsy and get 15% off.

So that's the good over with... how about the great? I've only been included in one of Babygadget's Christmas gift guides!

With a bonus picture of the Baby Maia. So little, so little hair.

And now the horrifying. See that X at the top right corner of this window? Go ahead and click it if you're easily squicked.............

This was this morning, and by the afternoon she had so many on her eyelids that they nearly swelled shut. I thought Jamie's pox was bad but she has the same number as he had on his whole body, on her upper back alone. She must have hundreds.


  1. Oh poor little love:( Sudocrem helped Kathryn's spots when they were itchy and ouchy (I know, most people use it for nappy rash. She had a lot of spots on her bottom and it helped amazingly well there so I tried some on her arm, and it helped there, so she got smothered in it!)

    Yay on the Great:)

    How long are you having your sale for? I'm expecting to be in funds in the next week or so and intend to purchase shed loads of patterns to tide me over when that runs out!

  2. The pox gets worse as it goes throug the house, each child getting more and more spots (thank goodness you only have two), I can recommend bicarb in a luke warm bath, great for relieving the itch and good for little girls who get spots in delicate areas. Hope Maia is soon better and that you survive the poxy nightmare without the need of much alcohol or valium :) xxx

  3. The poor wee toot :(

    Hope the plague is lifting and everyone is starting to feel a bit better.

  4. Poor Maia (and you!) Hope she soon feels better. I'll chip in with Aqueous Calamine Cream as a soother for the itchies, although Sudocrem is our No. 1 go-to.

  5. Poor twins have not yet had chicken pox...I'm not looking forward to that!
    Yay for you with "The Great"! Well done!

  6. Thanks for the mention Amanda!

    A little late to the illness bandwagon I have spent the night mopping vom of the 3 year old's bed/floor/self/me. Fun, love winter.

  7. oh ouch ouch ouch - poor baby :-( and poor you for having to be perfect-nurse-mum

  8. Thanks so much for the discount, I have been eyeing your hoodie pattern for a really long time...I even have the fabrics to make 3 of them for my son for Christmas. Thanks, I'm looking forward to starting on this, so excited!!!

  9. Oh poor baby! Do you all have the chicken pox vaccine over there? We don't see this over here much at all anymore - hope she gets well soon!

  10. Lovely jacket!!!
    As for the pox .. we found in this house, Lanes tea trea and witch hazel cream helped a lot.
    And then an old leg of a pair of tights filled with porridge oats and bicarb in the bath. Made lovely creamy baths. My daughter survived unscathed but my son who..yup .. got it second got it a lot worse. But then he was only 3 months old ish :(
    I do hope it clears soon.