Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Christmas Sneaky Peaks revealed

USA trip Christmas 2010 094

I honestly don't know how you all coped with the suspense of not knowing the true nature of my Christmas Sneaky Peaks for one whole month. Vicodin probably. The desperate amongst you might have used your legendary powers of deduction to conclude: those are all things that she makes all the time, for everybody. And you'd be right.

USA trip Christmas 2010 092

Sneaky Peak #1 was a Christmas pettiskirt for the girl, and her cousin. To clarify: they each got one, it was not to share. The mesh has little polkadots incorporated into the weave, and it's three layers of mesh and one layer of red cotton lycra. They are unfeasibly heavy.

Abstract print cowl dress

Sneaky Peak #2 was an abstract print cowl dress for the Original Best Friend Experience. In the strangest swap I've participated in to date, I received a cranio-sacral therapy treatment in return. I did not wear my cowl dress but we have plans to meet up again in the summer, and she will probably want to matching clothes then. I will keep you posted.

purple chair dress 005

Sneaky Peak #3 was a tunic for my niece. In one of the saddest emails of my life, my sister in law told me before Christmas that Isla (previously Kitschy Coo's Next Top Model) had become very picky about clothes selection and had one specific request: A purple dress with long sleeves. Her mother negotiated a sparing use of print, and the trusty chairs came out.

USA trip Christmas 2010 210

I regretably did not get a modelled pic, but here she is having a Shiny Hair Competition with Maia.

washbag full

Sneaky Peak #4 was yet another leather wash bag, this time for my father in law. Massive apologies to all the people on Facebook that thought the small sneaky peak picture looked like a leather bustier complete with heaving bosoms. And apologies to those who thought it looked like leather trousers with a zip down the bum crack. Both of those would have been infinitely better for everyone except my father in law.

USA trip Christmas 2010 122

And finally, blessed Sneaky Peak #5. You know how some people say 'My mom is my best friend'? Unless they are wearing matching cowl dresses like real best friends do, they're lying.


  1. Thanks goodness! I ran out of Vicodin several days ago and was forced to switch to crystal meth and ding dongs.

    Very cute! I hope you have had a good break. I feel like such a slacker. I didn't end up making as much as I wanted to for Christmas, and what I did make was pajamas. I'm such a slacker that I only made slacker clothes.

  2. welcome back! missed you and the drugs were wearing thin ;)

    great Christmas presents...what a lucky family!

  3. You are killing me with the cowl dresses! Your mother's dress is absolutely a-maz-ing and I want one. Is that your own pattern (probably a silly question, please forgive me)? Will you please release it for sale so the rest of us can have one too? Just think - an army of best friends the whole world over! It'd be like having minions! And really, who doesn't want a legion of minions?

    Beautiful work. Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back! It looks like you had a great time and I'm glad the chairs went over with Miss Picky.

  5. The presents look great, your friends/family are very lucky indeed! Particularly loving the pettiskirt and your Mum's gorgeous dress! Tres swish!

  6. Very cool - that's so much work to make all those gifts! You are a nice lady.