Sunday 30 January 2011


The Year of The Gadget

ipad sleeve full

In a major bout of avarice, we treated ourselves to an Ipad on our hols. Yes, I know, I got a spiffy new smart phone recently. And was gifted a Kindle for Christmas. Do you think if I make them all cases they count as business expenses?

ipad sleeve zippered pocket

It was hard to decide on a fabric but in the end I concluded that geeky things should be covered in more geeky things. As you can see, I wasn't willing to part with enough of my geeky fabric to make the back of the cover. Red twill is fine. I added a zippered compartment for cables and the twelve credit cards required to purchase all the apps I need.

ipad sleeve panel

I wasted a day of my life trying to track down funky-printed neoprene but the search was not fruitful (even plain neoprene is hideously expensive), and although I was sorely vaguely tempted to buy a heat press and sublimate print neoprene myself, that would have made the case more expensive than the Ipad itself. Which is saying something.

ipad sleeve bendy

I did come up with a solution to my neoprene-induced conundrum, however. Doesn't the picture above look a little bit bendy? As it turns out, craft neoprene is neither hideously expensive nor hard to track down and other than not having fabric fused to it I think it's the same thing! Using a second fabric, I made a rectangular pocket in the cover, slipped a piece of neoprene in and sewed around it so it doesn't shift. Et freaking voila.


  1. Adorable, fabulous and crafty. **LOVE**

  2. Perfect. Jealous of the iPad and the case.

  3. Someone contact Apple... you should sell them that design, brilliant!

  4. LOVE the fabric...where did you find it? Did you order it from somewhere?

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Stephanie, I got it on Etsy. The line is called 'Smirk' :)

  6. So brilliant - does your head ever hurt with all the ideas you have?