Tuesday 25 January 2011


Death match: My Subconscious vs My Kindle

My new Kindle is so beautiful and glorious that it deserves a protective sheath of kitten fur and 24 carat gold thread, hand-sewn by Vestal Virgins. I have put off the making of a cover knowing I am unworthy of the task of it's sacred protection. Instead I cradle it in mine hands, and to my chest, and to my face and whisper, 'It's okay, Kindle. I will not take you out of my house. We are safe here together.' My subconsious whispers back, 'You can't stay in forever. Go on, make a cover...'

'...Use that leather you don't like. The one that was supposed to be mint green but is actually somewhere between grey and tan? And then combine it with a fabric on the top of your Meh List! They almost go together, you'll see. Go on... draft your own pattern, you are the Master Pattern Drafter! No, no, you don't need seam allowances, they are for wusses. Hold on, can you pass the seam ripper? Thanks. Shhhh, ignore the noise of the machine. I know it needs a service, you only tell me every freaking day. Can you pass the seam ripper again? Thanks. Okay, just a bit more stitching the try to get those leather seam allowances to stay down. Right, we're done. Now do you hate your Kindle? Are you ready to put it down and move on with your life?'

Nice try, subconscious.


  1. Your subconscious is evil! It has also prompted you to make a lovely case. Take that, subconscious!

  2. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!


  3. oooooh I like! What a lucky Kindle you have.

  4. I have not allowed my Kindle to see this as it has been shockingly covered in a purchased leather cover. I do have an excuse honest...DD's ever expanding pregnant form is far more in need of my covering skills....
    Wicked I love it and am sooooo jealous!

  5. Oh I got a Kindle for Christmas and I'm not at the stage yet where I can stop fondling it long enough to make a case. Actually, I've fondled it so much that I must know it's measurements by heart (in my subconscious!). Should be an easy task. Yeah right. Maybe next year for Christmas my Kindle will get a cover.

  6. Ohhh Love it.....I too have made a cover...Not as cute as yours though as it is boring black leather (faux) and red lining also i couldnt find my seam ripper so am squeezing it in when it seriously needs to be at least 1/4 inch wider!!! as i simply cant put 'Kenny the Kindel' down (again) long enough to make another one!