Monday 31 January 2011


The Cheater's Pettiskirt

cheat pettiskirt close

The day after we returned from the States I had the rare pleasure of fabric shopping, outside the confines of my house, with another human who is actually enthusiastic about fabric. I'm not sure if that's ever happened before. Overfraught with excitement about meeting Emmy, being outside of my house, and fabric shopping I bought some pre-ruffled fabric thinking it'd be an easy way to make Maia a cheater's pettiskirt. Let's blame jet lag (again).

cheat pettiskirt full

In my head, it looked so nice. In actual fact, I was a little bit grateful when Maia peed on it so I could take it off.

'How Mum felt about the skirt whilst sewing and also when finished' by Maia, aged 3


  1. Hmm...not too terrible, just a little limp (at least that's how it looks from the pictures). Could you sew something poofy to go under it? Or is it not full enough?

  2. wait, is something wrong with my computer...or me? I kinda really like this! Like really! I don't like frou frou skirts generally, but lately I've really been drawn to all the tutus out there, esp. paired with leggings and converse shoes (to keep it from being too princess-tastic). This seems like the perfect compromise to me. I'll take it off your hands for you! (off to buy pre-ruffled fabric now...)

  3. Very well done I say I have sewn with this fabric before.... Nightmare!!! I think it turned out OK xx

  4. I think that looks rather nice actually! Maybe with a bright, *bright* underskirt under it?

  5. Hello lovely!

    I like it too. Yeah, it's not as frou-frou as some of her other petticoats, but it's still girly and frilly and cute.

    (This reply is in no way connected to the fact that I may have encouraged you to buy it. Honest.)

  6. cute skirt though...I have seen this fabric all around the blog world and I wondered what it was like to I know....sorry you had to suffer for the greater good ;)

  7. I think you need more fabric in it (tho as a non-sewer what do I know!?). The ones I sell (sorry wasn't a plug I'm going to post this as anon) have 40 yards in them!

    Abby :)

  8. I don't get it. Did you hope it would be fuller? I've seen a few things made with that pre-ruffled fabric and it makes me want some.
    I think that this is horribly clever:

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