Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Operation Save our Collective Lives: The Pint-Sized Phase

kids room couch view

For the last couple of weeks I've been working almost exclusively on improving the kids' room. At three and a half, I decided it was long-overdue to move Maia into a proper bed (even if she didn't share my sentiments). The problem was that the room couldn't house all their toys, four dressers of clothes, a bookcase and two single beds. Major downsizing of existing things ensued. Then major upsizing of new things ensued.

kids room bed view

Most notably: bunk beds. Why didn't anyone tell me how big they are?

kids room dance view

Behind the Artist Formerly Known as Maia is the resurrected Uncomfy Couch, named thus for obvious reasons. When I removed the cover to make a new one, it became clear why: rather than proper upholstery webbing there were very thin plastic ties that had cheese-wired straight through the foam. My anticipated Quick and Dirty couch resurrection became a Slow and Stabby one as I not only had to make a new cover but also re-string and re-foamed it. The cushions you are au fait with.

kids room curtains

I made new light jersey curtains to allow more light than the previous plain red ones.

kids room blackboard 2

One of the toys I removed for floor space was an blackboard easel; instead I have painted a section of the wall with blackboard paint for drawing and practising their writing and math. It is 'magic' blackboard paint, but more on that another day...

kids room pictures

Although I truly love my kids' (superlative) artwork, I did not love they way they stuck it all over every available surface. Instead, I've strung a line along the ceiling and clothes-pegged up my favourites.

kids room 020
Please note the safety bar above the safety bar on the top bunk; he is still determined to fall out.

My final act of Dutiful Mum was to make them matching duvet covers today with cowprint to one side and snuggly red flannel to the other . I'm still not done completely with my plans, but I'm certainly fed up of working on it so the smaller things are going to have to wait until I've a) made more money to fund it b) stabilised my mood. In other words, they might never get done.


  1. That is a SUPREMELY awesome bedroom.

  2. lovely room.....Ruby is very impressed she was sitting on my lap and asked who the little girl is, when i said her name is Maia and she lives in Scotland she proclaimed that....''Maia is my bestest friend ever...can we get on a plain and go and play with her and draw on her wall and sleep on her bed''.....
    I had to dissapoint her with a no, sorry baby we cant.....

    ''can i draw on my wall then''


  3. impressive and great ideas that I'll hopefully remember when we're finally going to do the nursery (like when our girls are 5 and 2)

  4. So cute and many clever space-saving ideas. I love the chalkboard paint. We did a table top with it one year for a birthday present for twins. It was well-used for years.

  5. Loving the chalk board paint and the cow print duvet covers. You have been busy. Izzy would love those bunk beds. My anxiety levels would not though with a 2 year old climbing up as well!!

  6. fantastic!
    we had a whole wall of blackboard in our living room when i was a kid it was great!

  7. Curtains that let in MORE light? Presumably you have some sort of blackout alternative for the nightmare that is dawn in Scotland in summer? I so love those duvet covers. R and E will want to swap Mummies with J and M soon at this rate.

  8. Come do my kids bedrooms please!

  9. Well when it comes to growing, it can only go Up, or Out.
    I want a magic wall too :D

  10. the room is way cooler than my kids ones! may have to invest in some of that black board paint, if only to cover up the scribbles, sorry art work tiny put on the wall! love the half cow print half flannel duvet cover idea! v snuggley. i have god children who would love that! (must buy flannel)

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Liz, there are blackout blinds too. Might need to change the curtains then as well if light escapes around the blinds. I remember the 4am wakeups from last summer!

    Undomesticated Scientist: for the flannel I bought single sized flat sheets and cut them to size as I couldn't find flannel wide enough by the metre. Worked out cheaper too!

  12. Great room! I love the curtains and blackboard paint.

    I have bunkbeds for my Maya's room and they are ridiculously huge! I would love to replace them with a simple bed, but we paid too much for them!

  13. Wowie:) That looks fabulous, congratulations.

  14. Your productivity continues to boggle my mind.