Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The Morning After The Night Before Dress

Disclaimer: For the good of your well-being please ignore recent haircut. Groupon's fault. Puffy face? Friend Sarah's fault.

I stayed up much too late the night before my Belfast trip making a dress to celebrate my emancipation. Not that the dress itself was especially time or labour-intensive, but with the packing and list-making and the last-minute texting to Friend Sarah, the final touches to the dress fell too late to be sensible for a 5:45 AM start.

Disclaimer: For the good of your well-being, please ignore paunchiness. Extreme measures obviously required.

This was a knit that I picked up when I was out fabric shopping with the fabulous Emmy. She made me promise that I would not be-cowl every single fabric I purchased so I searched her promise for fine print and decided that I could use my cowl pattern without punitive measures if I changed the neckline to a normal one. Emmy, this is not a cowl. True fact.

The fabric is a lot less stable and a lot more slinky than the others I've made from this pattern so I cut it quite a bit bigger. Good: not clingy. Bad: Too capacious all around. I really wanted to make a long tie along the neckline that could left hanging or tied in a bow, but the power and intellect required to do so escaped me at that late hour. Does anyone know how to transition from a neck band to a tie as far as the seams go?


  1. needs a belt as its a bit loose on you and you have a lovely figure. also I like your hair. which reminds me I haven't brushed mine today.

  2. I like it (the hair and the dress. And the face...) but yeah, a belt would be cool too.

    I made a tie-collar thing with this blouse: from a Burda pattern and the Cal Patch guidelines on drafting a shirt mashed together. If I remember rightly the collar/tie was just a strip folded in half, then edges folded to the centre and top stitched closed from each end, leaving a gap the length of the neckline. Then you pin it in place and continue topstitching onto the neck.

    I'm not sure if that made any sense, or if that's what you meant!

  3. Hurrah! It looks lovely and so do you. I am also very pleased you kept your promise re: the cowliness. And no, there wasn't any small print. Hell, I used to work with lawyers - I don't do no small print.

    Did I promise anything about the fabric I bought that day, though? I'm working my way through it and haven't yet made anything with a cowl, although there are two unfinished hoodies sitting waiting for me to sort out.

  4. Looks good. I will ignore the hair as directed even though it looks better than mine. I cut my own hair though, with much contorting and swearing.