Tuesday 15 February 2011


Belfast: The City of Broken Dreams

Pretending to sight-see

There was coffee, there was shopping, there was cider, there was food, there was an open fire, there was champagne, there was a shower without bystanders discussing my body, there was sleep, there were chick flicks. There were no children.

Not pictured: person with bad haircut

With hindsight, we did these things in the wrong order. Shopping first. I bought 14 pairs of tights from glorious Primark. I did not get a pair of feety PJs because Ruth and Sarah are no fun whatsoever. Let me repeat that: I did not buy the feety PJs I've been obsessing about for at least 15 months. Ruth is a very dignified person and as such I did not give her the hard sell. Friend Sarah, however, was teetering on the edge of feety PJ heaven. If only the shopping was preceded by this:

Friend Sarah does occasionally have good ideas, and Aspalls would fall in that category. Alas, had we partook and then shopped we would have spent the weekend in cow and tiger suits. The human brain cannot even cope with how euphoric this situation would have been. Instead:

I jest, obviously. Of course Sarah is still allowed in Belfast, and if not granted the keys to the city she at the very least deserves the keys to the Tayto Factory.

The weekend away: already a long distant memory.


  1. Sounds like a fun girls weekend! Would've only been better with footy PJ's!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Def should have gone with the footy PJ's tho!

  3. Sounds like you had fun. I like showers without bystander comments too, so I appreciate how good that might be.

  4. I saw the feety pyjamas in Primark last week, and thought of you.
    But I have to admit that friend Sarah was probably right, they looked cheap and would probably be a bit sweaty. And made by a 12 year old girl in India.
    Sorry :(
    But YAY for cider!