Thursday 3 February 2011


Another addition to the Geekatarium

Echino Ipad sleeve front

After seeing my geektastic Ipad sleeve the other day, one of my friends asked me to make her one. Although she was tempted to partake in a gadget version of Teenage BFFs by having matching sleeves, it might have been embarrassing* when we are out simultaneously being awesome with our Ipads.

Echino Ipad sleeve inside

Or we could've by accident switched our Ipads and she would go home with mine and all the rubbish free apps a certain very tall member of my household insists on putting on there, and she would be disgruntled and I wouldn't want to give hers back because there are actually worthwhile things on hers. And then I'd lose my only American friend in Edinburgh, and her Swedish husband would never introduce me to Alexander Skarsgard. Too risky, guys. I had to make her a different one.

Echino Ipad sleeve back

I love the colour combination on this one. The Echino front has turquoise scooters, lime polkadots and orange stripes and the back is orange twill with an Amy Butler zippered orange polkadot pocket. The front has an interlining of neoprene, and a lime green fleece lining for a bit more screen protection.

*Embarassing for her, obviously.


  1. Now THAT is cool. I love it! Gorgeous.

  2. I love it too!! Fancy making another one?? Getting the hubby an iPad for his soon birthday!!

  3. Oooo - that's so lovely! Your friend is so lucky.

  4. I actually think I love the cover more than I would love an ipad. I might be able to afford the cover at least!