Friday 4 February 2011


The Go-To Shirt

polkadot shirt with wild hair

You can often find me staring at the knits in my fabric closet, wondering what to do with them. I plan complicated designs with plackets, and zippers, and gathers, and features. And then do nothing, and grab a woven.

polkadot shirt sassy

Thing is, I actually really enjoy working with knits. If you look at my kids' RTW wardrobes, 98% of the time they wear knits (at least on the top). And by and large, there's nothing complicated about those shirts.

polkadot shirt sleeves

So I decided to just go back to basics and let the fabrics speak for themselves.* Coloured cuffs, neck and waistbands but other than that, just lovely fabric. Sometimes it just makes sense to keep it simple.

*If these fabrics could speak for themselves, they'd obviously say 'Your reds don't match' and I'd say 'Shut up'.


  1. Cuteness!

    The reds look fine from here, honest.

  2. Lovely! I just made a v sweet simple raglan t-shirt for my toddler from an Ottobre pattern, and I couldn't believe how quickly it came together, and how much it looks like a proper t-shirt!

  3. She looks so sweet in it.

    And I agree - I tend to sew so much differently than what Rylee actually wears most days. So I'm trying to do more knits because what's the point of things that just hang in the closet?

  4. Adorable shirt! I like the wide band at the hem.

  5. Wow, Maia's looking so grown up! The top looks cute on her :)

  6. Love it. Shes working that top for you!

  7. Looks fab:) And the reds looks fine on my monitor.

  8. Funny...that's exactly what I do when I look at my fabrics! The top is lovely...I love the spots.

  9. CUTE! She is so beautiful!