Monday, 21 February 2011


The Android Shirt

android shirt placket

It's been ever-so-long since I made Jamie something to wear. Almost six months to be exact*. I've been watching posts mount up in my reader for Celebrate the Boy month, and I decided there was no better time than now to get cracking on celebrating my boy.

android shirt full

The shirt is made from white looped back terry with a stand collar and a placket made from space invader fabric. It was my first attempt drafting this pattern so I wanted to test it with a very stable knit as, ultimately, I'd like to make this shirt with wovens.

android shirt velcro

I didn't want buttons to interfere with the print of the space invaders, so I closed the placket with two sets of velcro.

android shirt collar

The collar is trimmed all the way around, making it slightly more funnel-necked than it would have been otherwise.

android shirt back

But I wanted a bit of the party in the back. I blame Ottobre.


  1. That's fantastic! All 3 of my boys would love something like that. I'm not brave enough to put them in white though - good on you!!!

  2. OOOHHH a first draft huh... I love it and I am taking part.... Have you put your pic on flickr? they will be posting their fave pics, I think you'd be well up there xx

  3. Sweeeet! And excellent use of some precious fabric.

  4. Fab!

    But yes, very brave putting a small boy in white ;)

  5. So cute! And I bet you're already imagining it in black knit with the black invaders, right? :)