Saturday, 26 February 2011


Here, Kitty Kitty

hello kitty skirt

Last week, one of my favourite people to fabric swap with (Natalie from Soph4Soph) posted pics on FB of some boy cut briefs she made her daughter with Hello Kitty fabric. When I mentioned that Maia would swoon for them, she promptly posted me two different knits and I duly sent some geeky fabrics her way. What I didn't know though, that she included a fab Hello Kitty twirly circle skirt for Maia!

hello kitty twirl

Maia practically had an apoplexy over it. I made the one of the knits into a Go-To shirt and because Nat and I share a supplier I was even able to perfectly match the collar and cuffs to the waistband of the skirt (which is, incidently an ace design and I wish I'd thought of it first).

hello kitty shirt

Do you remember last week when you were in High School and you liked a band / show / actor before anyone else and then when they finally made it big and everyone else liked them and you'd get all indignant and furious because you were the Original Super Fan and they were just pretenders? Yeah. There might be quite a few three and four year olds gnashing their teeth over Maia's Hello Kitty ensemble and constant Hello Kitty chat, because the girl does not even know that there is anything beyond the merchandise.

Incidentally, Soph4Soph is running a comp on her blog that closes at 6PM tonight (Sat 26 Feb). Skedaddle over quicksharp for a change to win a gift certificate.


  1. I NEED that fabric!!! That skirt is beautiful - what a fabulous thing to receive through the post!!!

    I am a bit of a fan of Hello Kitty, so much that I'm glad that K likes it so that I can justify buying stuff!

    Today I've been making her some bunting for her birthday with a HK design. Best get back to it in fact.

  2. My grown daughter's name is Katie. I found a Hello Kitty board book when she was very small, and changed every "Kitty" in it to "Katie." Of course, she was hooked. We always looked for HK stuff at WDW, and bought trinkets with HK--don't remember any clothing or fabric--over 20 years ago. Your daughter looks so adorable!

  3. Gorgeous! Izzy would LOVE one of those! Funnily enough I blogged about our love of Hello Kitty a few days ago. H&M have loads of HK stuff in stock at the moment. Also meant to say your dentist review post made me snort with laughter! Didn't get chance to comment at the time. x

  4. Lovely lovely lovely. Lucky Maia:)

  5. Lush! Twirly circle skirts are brilliant.

  6. Wait, there's something beyond the merchandise?