Wednesday 9 February 2011


The Redemptive Cover

kindle book full

Although I am generally considered to be a master of subtlety, there was little doubt that I was unhappy with my first Kindle cover. It made one solo journey to The World Outside My House (much like myself) and although I was not openly ostracised I'm pretty sure it's responsible for my lacklustre social life. Who wants to hang out with a Kindle Cover like that? No one.

kindle book detail

But Kindle is taking a field-trip with me this weekend to whole 'nother country* and I feared the locals would not take kindly to the old cover. I'm not sure how open-minded they are about such things. It was safer to make a better cover.

kindle book pocket

The lovely Kym asked me recently if I could make a cover like a book for a Kindle. It turns out I can, with a bit of thought and some rough treatment of my scissors. Here is a helpful visual of what it's like to read a book:

kindle book action

Yes, I realise that it might initially assault your eyeballs that the Kindle pocket is on the left. But..... look:

kindle book tilted

Beyond the fact I screwed up (which is also true), being on the left means it tilts the way I want when reading in bed and I can keep everything huddled under the duvet except my poking finger and my head. It tilts because I created three channels for thick board to slip into so it has a spine, just like a book.

kindle book spine

The elastic holding the hard covers closed should keep the precious cargo safe even in the carry-on bag of doom.

*It may or may not be a whole 'nother country. Depends on how parochial you are feeling at the time. Without kids, and with Friend Sarah, I'm feeling heaps parochial.


  1. We love it, Elizabeth now wants her own kindle so she can have a cover just like that!! x

  2. Oh that is lovely!! And think of the fabric possibilities for such a cover.

  3. I have an ebook by sony and I need a snazzy cover for it, though the booklight thingy is in a cover. I need a cover cover. Thankfully making one would only require making a pocketed sleeve. Something I'm sure is super easy and that I will never do.

  4. I practically want a kindle, JUST because I want a cover! I'm sure I can think of something else that needs a cover...

  5. that is gorgeous fabric. I'm still a bit wary of the new fangled kindle though.

  6. Oh, I thought I liked the last one, but this one is SOOOO much cuter!