Tuesday 8 February 2011


The Cherry Terry bubble tunic

bubble tunic close

Another misfit knit has made the journey from fabric closet to garment. This one is a Juicy Couture lycra terry with a cherry print. It's 110% too saccharine for my tastes. The girl, however, has no problems what-so-ever with bubblegum pink.

bubble tunic front

To tone down the OMGPink I trimmed the neckline and cuffs with an emerald green ribbing that comes ever so close to matching the green in the stems.

bubble tunic skirt

Using the Go-To shirt as a block, I dropped the waist and added a bubble skirt.

bubble tunic side

Ready to take on the world*.

*Speaking of taking on the world, would anyone be interested in taking over the running of my life? Special consideration given to applicants who speak computer and / or are willing to fight with people.


  1. *waves hand in the air*

    Ooh, ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    My husband says I love to tell people what to do. :P

    My mom says I would argue that poop runs uphill (she's a nurse, excrement metaphors abound).

    I'm not a geek god, but I am tech savvy and not afraid to try a bazillion things to figure the problem out. My husband and I both have the same IT related masters degrees, but I'm the one that troubleshoots and problem solves. I love to solve puzzles.

    I also love a well-reasoned argument and strongly-worded letters. I argued an insurance company into covering things they never had before.

    If only you were a wee bit closer to Indiana. I could totally run your life and make you a lovely lasagna (with a triple chocolate fudge pound cake for dessert).

  2. Love it! I've had a bubble tunic in my mind for Rylee for a long time. She had a plain one from Gymboree last year and it was such a cute style. I think I might even be willing to attempt it sans pattern (not as brave as you normally :)

    And ditto to indywriter - if I were closer I would totally take over your life. I am in charge of all customer service issues in our house because I do love a good fight. And tech savvy to boot! :)

  3. Oh, that's so cute!

    I'm not going to offer to run your life; I have enough bother running my own and I don't have anyone else to take responsibility for. I would have your kids taken into care and the fella filing for divorce before you could say ketchup. I'm sure you're doing fine with it, though :notatallpatronising:

  4. THat is gorgeous. I love the green colour with the pink. I'm with Maia on this one...

  5. Hey, that's essentially what my new job entails:)

    Just let me get the hang of it and then... I'll be a natural:)

    Love the tunic, it looks great on her.

  6. Wow. Pink. Quite glad I have a boy.

    Caught something on twitter about you having webshop/site trouble? Have an idea about where you could move your domain/email address while you figure out what to do re a shop, if you don't have an answer yet.

    hello @ todaywemade.co.uk

  7. my tiny would love it! its pink after all! don't think i'd be any good at running your life though, can't run my own very well! (and i'd just aquire a large amount of your fabric stash to just coo over!)

  8. And matching sneakers too! Awesome for her!

    I love a good fight too, but my husband always says I'm too nice and should've said this and that, etc.