Friday, 11 February 2011


Warning: Not Suitable for Work. Unless you work in Belfast, then it *might* be.

F That detail

Friend Sarah and I are off to Belfast tomorrow to visit the jointly-cherished Ruth. I have it on good authority that it's rude to visit a friend's new house without bringing a house-warming gift. Especially if the house is no longer new because you have been remiss in visiting. For two years. Better late than never, right? But what to bring...

F That censored

I was first pointed in the direction of a slightly vulgar wall hanging by Millie, and I came so close to buying the one she has that says 'Feck It, Sure It's Grand' in the style of Keep Calm and Carry On. I wavered though, because that's just not Ruth. But what is? This:

F That full

Oh, how I laughed and laughed and laughed the first time I heard her say this. When googling it's entymology, apparently it's a Belfast thing. Have you ever heard a better phrase? Here's a tip from me to you: If you're having such a bad week that having a smear was one of the highlights, do something like this. I stayed up late on Wednesday, printing it over and over in different fonts. The only disappointment was that Steven never asked what they were for, because I was going to tell him I was going leafleting. Unfortunately, I can't have such joys in my house with an (almost) literate son. I told him it said, 'Welcome to Our House'.


  1. Matt never asked what I was doing when I was typing up swear words to make badges with. When he saw the badges he just stared bemusedly at them and shook his head. I think I am funny anyway. And though I have no clue about Belfast slang that is still effing fantastic.

    damn snooping child over my shoulder.

  2. Class! I'm sure she'll be made up.

  3. As an ignorant Hoosier, I wonder if someone could share an example of how this would be used in conversation. I just want to make sure I don't embarrass myself in Belfast someday.

  4. Brilliant! I think it could be a family heirloom in the making...

  5. LOVE

    I want one

    and I don't care if my kids can read it

    they've heard me say worse ;)

  6. Love. It.

    I am, again, in awe of your creativity :)

  7. My mum says that, well she says 'sod that for a game of soldiers', and I don't think she's ever so much as set foot in Northern Ireland. I'm trying to think when she would use it. Maybe in a scenario such as being in a long queue (e.g. to pay for something), waiting for ages and ages going nowhere, and getting very annoyed, putting down whatever she was wishing to pay for with a flourish and flouncing out of the shop muttering 'sod this for a game of soldiers, (I'll get something out of the freezer)'.

  8. Glad I wasn't drinking anything because I would have sprayed my screen at your leafleting comment.

  9. We have always used the phrase sod that for a game of soldiers but I like this version better! x

  10. That is damn cool.

    I've used this and "fuck this for a bag of biscuits", which makes even less sense but sounds as good, if not better.

    Indy, it's a way of giving up on something because it's rubbish and just not worth doing, rather than because you're failing or whatever. Giving up in disgust, sort of thing.

  11. That is fantastic! I am from outside belfast and would use this saying when I am fed up with trying to do sonmething or someone has asked me to do a ridiculous job or something.

    Say for example I am trying to edit a photo and it goes wrong rather than say I have had enough this is much more satisfing!

  12. This has travelled well beyond Belfast. Been saying it in Manchester for 30 years.
    Nice post!

  13. I spewed my tea all over my laptop screen for laughing! Have a great time in Belfast.

  14. Had no idea it was from Belfast. I've been saying well sod this for a game of soldiers for years... or bugger this for a game of soldiers more like:)

    Lovely piece of work too:)

  15. Brilliant! I love it so much! It is a regularly used phrase here. Sadly, I have literate children and had to tell them that Feck was not a bad word, but they still couldn't use it!
    (I just read that back...I am not sad to have literate children! they are 6 and 8 after all!)
    Have a wonderful time in Belfast!

  16. Love that saying, mind you I'm in Ards now but I still trot it out when the occasion calls for it. Sadly the small person can read better than she lets on so i couldn't have it at home:)

    Any game will do too, it doesn't have to be soldiers, I've even said Fuck that for a packet of crackers which is even worse than the bag of biscuits:)

  17. Oh I LOVE this! Sometimes, there's just nothing more satisfying than swearing! And you've made swearing look pretty - great job :)