Monday, 28 February 2011


Party like a Rock Star

guitar shirt sleeve
Hands up if you're adorable.

Last week I spent about 92 hours grading the 3T/4T and 5Y/6Y sizes properly before taking a deep breath and cutting into a woven.

guitar shirt arms

I knew that this pattern worked fine for knits, but getting your measurements right for a woven is a lot more of a precise science when you can't stretch to fit.

guitar shirt peak

I only had one yard of this fabric so to fit all of the pieces in I had to eliminate hem allowances and bind the sleeve and hem edges. I love the way it looks. Incidently, this green linen has become The Perfect Colour Match Fabric.

guitar shirt neck

For the neck binding I used a strip of the guitar fabric for extra Pop.

guitar shirt velcro

Go ahead and buy some stock in Velcro, because it seems I'm addicted to making these placket shirts.

guitar shirt full

I think if I used a heavier weight fabric and lined it, this would make a pretty swell spring jacket. Yay or nay?


  1. Would make a fab spring jacket - just the sort of thing my boys love.

  2. oh a definite YAY!
    Gorgeous. My boys would be into these too. As tops and jackets.

  3. fabulous! absolutey ideal for a spring jacket I think. maybe Charlie needs one lol

  4. The top is awesome, the model is even awesomer.

    Love it!

  5. Flipping heck, he looks about 15 in that last picture.

  6. definitely did Jamie get so grown up?!

  7. Oh how wonderful a model! perfect rock star - my son is a "real" rock musician, but he doesn't have Jamie's poses!

  8. I love it! What a fun fabric combination!

  9. Brilliant as a top or jacket I'd say :)
    Jamie is one cool dude!

  10. Yay. Not that I can persuade my boy into any item of outdoor clothing at the moment. If he figures we're going out he runs to the door sockless and cries when I wrestle his shoes on.

    Love that fabric mind you.

  11. That is one wild top! He does look like a rock star!