Monday, 24 January 2011


What's the time, Mr Wolf? Swoon O'clock

I do like to torment you guys. Sixteen days back in the UK and not a peep on fabric acquisitions. Before frustrated followers start fleeing in their droves, I bring you Christmas Haul.

My love of Itty Bitty Chairs is well established but besides restocking sorbet and orchid colourways, I've added the grass colourway.

Retro offerings featuring video game prints and cassette tapes. Yes, I have used the cassette fabric before but it was not a product of my own stash. I could not let that injustice continue.

Sadly, I wasn't really feeling the love with a lot of fabric on this trip (probably because there weren't very many new collections since my summer haul), but I do really love these Urban Circus prints from Laurie Wishbrun.

For the very first time, the majority of my fabric buying was from organic lines. The ones above are from Monaluna and I was dev-a-stated that the fabric shop was out of scooters in teal. Don't get me wrong, scooters in pink are great, but my feelings towards the teal are tantamount to chasing the dragon.

These are the Cloud9 organics I bought. I toyed with the idea of purchasing the flannels but I heard a rumour that it'll be spring at some point. If I'm honest, I'm a little bit 'meh' about these ones. Going to have to wait until they're used for sewing before I prevaricate on that stance.

I am the opposite of 'meh' about these Birch organics. The colours are divine, the handle crisp, the details lovely. Go on, click on that picture to see them in all their glory. Awesome.

So... who wants to stab me for what?


  1. Am wielding my knife menacingly for the chairs, all of, and one of the cloud9 (top row middle), actually no, might as well include the trees, and oh yes, the top row of the Birch especially.

    It's been a while since I bought fabric...

  2. Oooooh preeeetty.... I like the space invaders in particular!

  3. i don't want to stab you, i just want to know if there is a good shop in san diego to visit when i go for work in march!

  4. Wow, can I join the cool girls club? I have quite a few of these fabrics, including a teensy piece of teal scooters!
    I want the Birch organics though :)

  5. The space invaders is so awesome I had to sit under my desk, breathing into a paper bag, to get my hands to stop trembling long enough to post a comment.

  6. I might have to kill you for the cassette fabric and the space invaders ones. Lovely!

  7. OMG! You find the coolest fabric!! I need some of the purple chair, space invaders on black and the urban circus fabrics in my life!! Will you reveal your sources or do I have to break out the torture weapons?

  8. The Birch fabrics are lovely, aren't they? I felt kind of the same about the Cloud9 ones when i first saw them, but now I'm beginning to use them I'm really converting - lovely softness once they're washed, and I like that most of the lines co-ordinate a bit - useful when there are so few organic lines to choose from in the world!

  9. Space invaders and pac man! That is gaming geekery heaven! :p

  10. Oh my. Love the space invaders. Pac man is cool, but space invaders rule:)