Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Castle Peeps Party Frock

Castle Peeps party frock full

I was contacted recently to make a special party frock for a little girl's fifth birthday party and was ecstatic when they decided on this Castle Peeps fabric.

Castle Peeps party frock bodice

It's probably one of my Top Ten Fabrics of All Time, but this is the first time I've used it. Not using the fabrics I love is my own special peccadillo.

Castle Peeps party frock back

I used a slightly graded up version of my party frock pattern, closed with a square button and with a velvet sash.

Castle Peeps party frock underneath

The only amendment I made to the design was to change it from a reversible frock to a bubble skirted one. Still fully lined and pretty on the inside, but the hem of the Castle Peeps extends up to the lining, where it's gathered for extra fullness.

Castle Peeps party frock lining detail

And full it truly is, with a hem circumference of eighty inches.

Incidentally, is there any interest in an Anatomy of a Bubble Skirt post? I know Eileen has been (quite rightly so) chasing me for a bubble skirt tute I promised at least seventeen years ago but I was thinking about a post on how to redraft a gathered skirt into a bubble skirt.


  1. it's beautiful. what a lovely fabric.

  2. Debbie (monkey and bo)8 March 2011 at 14:53

    What a gorgeous dress! Love the shape and a great fabric too.

  3. I think you should make Maia this for the wedding you're going to, it's fantastic. Perfect for twirling on a dancefloor.
    I'm a bit scared of bubble skirts, so maybe a tutorial would help me overcome my fears...

  4. what an adorable dress! I love it! I would like to see the type of birthday party that calls for such an awesome dress!
    Also, I would wear it. Does that make me creepy?

  5. Adorable!! The blue lining is super fun.

  6. Sometimes I see a fabric I love, but I can't figure out what it should be. I loved this fabric but was afraid it would be overwhelming in a dress... Sooo glad you proved me wrong. I will be looking for some of this fabric ASAP.

    I also have hoarding issues with my lovely fabric. And stationery. I have pretty papers that I have held on to since my age was in single digits (which was at least 26 years ago!) because it makes me so happy to see it that I can't bring myself to use it.*

    *Though I might now, as I just realized that I have 26+ year old stationery at home.

  7. I just discovered your blog, and totally love it! I'd be interested in a bubble skirt tutorial. I was just thinking last night actually that I need to figure out how to make a bubble skirt.

    Love the dress!

  8. I think I might need this dress in my size...

    And I'd love to see your take on bubble skirts.

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I haven't made anything with a bubble skirt before, but this is just lovely! What a lucky birthday girl!

  10. I lurrrve it! I have blue castle peeps curtains in my boy's room; this makes me hope I'm having a girl. Well done