Thursday, 17 March 2011


Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey (or something)

The shop is slowly filling with all manner of destash miscellany. Scrap packs are selling well (of which I'm extremely grateful as I cut and ironed them for 64 hours). They are sorted by colour and theme here.

Thirty seven one-off knit cuts went up last night and by this morning only 29 remain so have a look because unlike other sales where I have increased the availability of popular fabrics from raid my stash, this time I can't. Once they're gone, they're gone.

The woven yardage, ribbing, and clothing will be going up as quickly as I can (ie slowly and painfully).

A few notes about this sale:
  • 'Irregular cuts': this means that I have already used the fabric for a project so it is not a straight rectangular cut as it would be off a bolt. When I say 'it measures a minumum of X" by Y"', this means that I have found the biggest intact rectangle in the fabric piece and measured that. The actual size of the fabric is bigger (sometimes by a lot), but they are difficult to measure.
  • Shipping rates: I admit that they might be a bit do-lally at the moment as the postal rules are not as straighforward as other sites I've used (particularly if you order a bunch of things), but I promise to refund postage differences of over £1 for anyone this applies to.


  1. The shop is looking good, well done!

    And I've snapped up the chili peppers - too cute to leave alone.

  2. damn you Amanda, damn you and your tempting fabric.....(can't wait to receive my pack) xxx

  3. Its all looking good hunny!

    I'm glad you are getting so much sold too.