Sunday 6 March 2011


'Hello, United Nations? I'd like to report a violation of my Human Rights.'

Me staring at computer (yesterday)

I typed a full-blown diatribe at my in-laws yesterday about how Virgin was depriving me of my basic human rights by taking away my internet for three days. It was a heartfelt tale involving the emptying and moving of bookcases, rebooting of modems, complaints to call centres, and booking of technicians. I couldn't publish because their computer has a Death Virus on it and crashed just as I was looking for appropriate grief-striken pensioner pictures. Just as well. Because I forgot that Virgin have two sadistic obsessions:
  1. Taking away my internet.
  2. Making me look like an a**hole.
So much more hilarious when they both together. Eight hours after telling me my modem was borked and could only be fixed by a technician, they gave me the internet back on the sly. Nice one, Virgin, now everyone on Twitter thinks I'm a fantasist.

Anyway, happy times to have internet back and a non-borked modem. But what could have crashed the web and caused an international disruption of services?.......

What the internet was made for.


  1. A NEW SERIES, find me a paper bag so I don't hyperventilate...

    Did you watch Generation Kill? I loved him in that too, not his acting (tho' that was good) but HIM.

  2. wtf loafers??? please tell me its just a run through.. because ERIC does not wear LOAFERS

  3. I'm with Apryl with this, what the hell is he doing in footwear and infact clothes of any kind, and therefore removing naked Eric and the ultra sexy feet washing scene. Damn those TV people.

  4. True blood. Sigh. Did you say something else?

  5. My internet service provider likes to make me look like a maniac as well. Every once in a while my internet just DIES for no apparent reason but immediatly fixes itself when I reset the modem. Well, they have rewired everything... replaced the modem... replaced the wires OUTside... and probably sat there shaking their heads at me on the other side and decided I'm sad and lonely and want attention and am just making the whole thing up.
    True Blood... wherefore art thou, True Blood....

  6. At some point I'm going to have to stop watching this clip and go eat or bathe or go to the bathroom.