Thursday 31 March 2011


Kindle Cover v3.0: Now with at least 35% more functionality!

kindle cover v3 closed

I've fallen behind recently what with the fabric sale, the hen weekend, the recovery from the hen weekend, a funeral, manifold meetings and a new workout regime*...

kindle cover v3 elastic

But a request was put in for a Kindle cover and between a meeting with a bank manager, a meeting with our financial adviser, and an epic** three hour nursery committee meeting yesterday I managed to squeeze it in.

kindle cover v3 open

I made a couple of changes to Kindle Cover v2.0. First, I raised the height of the pocket a bit for extra security. I've possibly raised it a smidge too much as I can't see the percentage read figure any more. Although the chances that other people are as obsessed with monitoring this figure are slim...

kindle cover v3 spine

I also double reinforced the spine as such a slim strip of board has a tendency to twist and warp a bit. Score one for anal-retentiveness.

kindle cover v3 button

Most importantly, I added a cut away to the pocket base so you can slide the on / off button while it's in the pocket.

*Anyone else done the 30 Day Shred is welcome to regale me with tales of total body makeover.
** Epic in the way The Iliad is epic.


  1. Nifty. I like the on/off hole :)
    On a geeky work related note, can you get e-books from your local library?

  2. Nah - I'm obsessed with the % thing too. Husband asks for updates too (we're reading the same book).

    Nice improvements on v2.0 :)

  3. 30 day shred will totes work. I'm not going to say I experienced a complete body make over, but I developed muscles that I'd never seen before and I did lose some weight. Also, I had lady guns, like actual bicep muscles that I would flash to anyone interested- and plenty that were not.

  4. Wow, so cool! I just love that it folds open like that, and the fabrics you used were really pretty!!

  5. I love the new cover! If you aren't selling the pattern you should be. I bet it would sell like crazy!

    I have had friends rave about the shred, so you will get results. But I've also heard to be very careful to avoid hurting your knees. Good luck. I love my weight lifting class and what it does to the arms.

  6. I forgot to mention that in the first weeks of the 30 day shred, I developed IT band irritation and could barely walk for at least 2 more weeks afterward. I would lay on the floor with pillows under each knee and bags of frozen veg on top. so yeah, be careful and aware of your knees- if it starts to hurt, stop. I blame all of the jumping jacks.

  7. everyone seems to excited about the thirty day shred. Kindly report back in thirty days with your opinion. I don't necessarily believe that just because it hurts like an SOB it actually works, in per se... And I'm too busy training for a marathon* to try it myself.

    *cookie-eating marathon

  8. That makes me wish that I had a kindle to make a cover for!

  9. I need the pattern for this :o) That is just really cool!