Monday, 14 March 2011


Next weekend I would like more fabric time and less poop

I find that organising my time never works as planned.

There was a little bit of time set aside for messing about, but the majority of time was to be spent doing Worthy Things. But then:

The good news: I have resurrected my Kitschy Coo webshop.
The bad news: At the moment, said webshop only has patterns listed. The fabric is coming, I promise.

Please visit and return with compliments on my CSS and html skillz.*

*I did pay a little bit of money to someone selling a different skin to the two that Big Cartel offer. But some of that html is totally mine.**

** By 'totally mine', I mean I googled how to do it and then followed a cleverer person's instructions.


  1. Well done you, whatever bit was totally yours it looks great. Hope you get your 'me' time back soon (by that I mean fabric/sewing) 'cos when you run a business I know me time becomes business time!

  2. I can relate!! I am frequently cleaning up poop and spit up and I often smell like curdled milk.

  3. I hope the terrible book wasn't the one I sent you!? Eep sorry if it was. Though it can't be any worse than charlaine harris' writing. Things never go the way I plan. I mostly have stopped planning things but I still make lists.

    Mostly I have cleaned up snot, cake puke, an a mouse in rigamortis... We are so rock and roll.

  4. Woo, looks fabulous!

    I don't think I'd know what to do if a weekend actually turned out like I planned.

    And you need a techie who works for scraps. I don't know of any, but if I find one I'll send them your way:)

  5. If I did a pie chart of my weekend it would be 82% Waiting for Kitschy Coo to sell fabric, 10% drinking wine and dancing on the sofa, 8% painting skirting board.

  6. OMG, this is brilliant! Maybe if I piechart my weekend I will become more productive...right? It looks like a good motivation tool. I think my intention of sewing would become the pie slice for cruising the net. Then I'd need a slice for creating the pie chart...

  7. I used to waste time finishing terrible books because I'm majorly anal-retentive, but I have now set aside 2 terrible books and WOW at the free time to do something else! Free yourself!

  8. I believe the compliment that applies is 'l33t skillz'.

    I ought to pie chart my weekends. Last weekend would have included 34% eye-rolling at manflu sufferer.

  9. I would laugh at the pie chart more loudly if I didn't also know exactly what you mean. Well done with getting the webshop working, though!

  10. Well, it could be worse. The pink pie wedge dedicated to ironing *could* have been crying about Mr. Site.