Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The White Trash Adrenalin Junkie

Well, I survived the hen weekend (although my liver might not concur) and it'll take me about three weeks to catch up on sleep. It wasn't all hijinks and shenanigans though, it involved some serious business in the form of rock climbing. I've been outdoor climbing once before in Vermont and I LOVE IT AND I'M CONSIDERING GIVING UP MY FAMILY, MY HOUSE AND MY BUSINESS TO DO IT PROFESSIONALLY. Obviously, totally viable plan. Look, my spotter isn't even paying attention, that's how good I am:

Of course, I can't leave you with the impression that I am just a clean-living sports fiend. I can also do white trash. This was the theme, people, not my default party attire.

Jennifer (the hen and my soon to be sister in law), said, 'OMG, you look so American!!' Sorry, Americans.


  1. Ooh, where were you climbing? And if you love it, get your arse down to Alien Rock in Leith, or the great big centre at Ratho.

    Climbing rocks.

  2. I don't see what's wrong with that outfit - that's basically what we wear to the office every day. Of course, I do live in Texas...

    Kidding - we only wear daisy dukes in the summer.

  3. What a cool hen weekend. Why can't we do that instead of cocktails and dirty dancing this weekend? And you do look very American ;)

  4. Ha ha ! brilliant theme, brilliant outfit :)