Thursday, 3 November 2011


Baby's gone geeky and a tiny reveal

geek hoody detail

Although this fabric has covered manifold gadgets, I'd never used it for a hoodie. I rectified this injustice today, with a small hoodie for a mystery recipient.

geek hoody front

I just love this fabric, it reminds me of the Pacman arcade machines that could be found in pizza shops of my childhood.

geek hoody reverse

For the reverse, I used a very soft turquoise twill from my stash. And an appliqued patch to tie it all together.

geek hoody reverse detail

With 24% trepidation and 76% excitement, I'm delighted to announce this hoodie is the first kit listed in my shop. I only have enough turquoise twill for one, though, so if you want to make this exact combination get in there quick. I will, however, be relisting it with alternative reverse fabrics in due course.

Seeing as you might be hopping over to my main site any how, check out my website revamp! My web guru and I have been diligently toiling away to completely change it up and over the next couple of weeks it's going to be filling up with all manner of things.... Remember how I've been talking about Top Secret News for the last forever? Can you find it?


  1. Once, in my high school German class we read a crime novella. We had to stop about 3/4 through the book and write our own ending (using the style of the author, naturally). I wrote a totally awesome ending. Really, it was epically beautiful... only I picked the killer to be the innocent victim in everything.

    This is the uber-wordy way of saying I totally suck at guessing games... I have no clue, unless it is a baby.

    I have even checked your page several times (and twitter too, which I don't even use) to see if anyone has ventured a guess... And nothing. No guesses. Evil slackers!

    Hints for the obtuse?

  2. I was looking for this exact fabric to make this exact hoodie in and I couldn't find any. :( It's adorable!

  3. I bought the smaller sizes kit, but I forgot to change my mailing address at paypal, so please don't sent it to me if you haven't already! I've sent you an e-mail with the right address.