Monday, 28 November 2011


Hoodies for Heroes

willow shroom detail

I got chatting to a customer recently about making a custom hoodie for her son, and it turned out she's a real life hero. Not a fire-woman, or a serial blood-donator, or a kitten-rescue-sanctuary-owner... an unsung hero. This lady is a fabric designer, bringing lovely fabrics into the world for you and I to admire and stroke. Once I got over my awestruckness, I agreed.

willow shroom hoodie

If you harboured any doubt about her fabric credentials, just stand back and appreciate the two fabrics she picked from my entire stash.

on a whim hoodie

I never would have thought to pair Willow Shroom with On a Whim. This is why I'm not a fabric designer. It's a tone-on-tone perfect match.


  1. That's lovely. One day my children will be dressed from head to toe in Kitschy Coo...oh yes they will :P (when I go back to work ;))

  2. I love your fabric choice! Wonderful!

  3. A print sensation! I love it, received it today...looks great on, fits THANK YOU xx