Monday, 21 November 2011


Kindles Go Organic

organic cotton kindle covers both

It appears to be The Age of The Kindle. After the leather lovelies of last week, I returned to the book-style covers of yore with a commission for two organic cotton ones. As always, they have super thick board on both sides and a spine so the Kindle is protected from stabbing from almost all sides.

organic cotton kindle covers version3 spine

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my pattern so I had to re-draft the whole thing. While I was there, I added a pocket on the other size for sundries.

organic cotton kindle covers version3 open
Pictured: sundries

The recipient of this case hs an old-style keyboard model like me, so the cut out is to the right where the on/off switch and the charger port are.

organic cotton kindle covers version3 pocket

The recipient of the Monaluna Double Dots has a new-style Kindle so her pocket is to the centre where that version's charger port is. As this model is sans keypad, and has less height overall, I also shortened the pocket so it doesn't interfere with the screen.

organic cotton kindle covers version4 open

Amazon, stop changing all the specs unless you're going to send me one of each.


  1. Oh goodness I wish you had a shop full of these!
    I'm searching for a kindle cover for my mother for Xmas but all I can find is sleeves not proper cases like this. I don't even know where to begin with making one myself (especially as I can't actually have access to a kindle) would you take an order? Or do you know anyone else who is doing them?

  2. Thank you, I would love to have a shop full and if God ever adds more hours to the day then I will :)

    I would love to make one for your mum, send me an email at