Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The Knit Flounce Skirt

crouch skirt

From November until spring it's almost impossible for me to get modelled pics. Daylight only occurs during the hours the kids are away, and it's cold enough that coats should not be off for long. Plus the year-round grumbles about not wanting to model and deliberating gurning. One of these days I swear I'm going to click through a Pinterest link about getting kids to cooperate with picture-taking.

happy skirt

So I grabbed 45 seconds on the way home from school to get some pictures of her newest skirt: a full-circle made out of knit polkadot. See how the small girl twirls.


I'm going to be working a load of knit projects over the next couple of weeks (due in part to the imminent reveal of Top Secret Bizness), but my question is this: are some people still intimidated by working with stretch fabric? And what do you like or not like about sewing knits?


  1. I love the skirt!The polka dots are gorgeous. I have some lovely knit / stretch fabrics in my stash but I do tend to shy away from using them as I always imagine they are going to stretch and pull out of shape at the hems when sewn. I've made a few things from stretch fabrics but more often than not they don't look as perfect as I'd like. Any tips you can give me? By the way...I love your blog. I've been reading for months but this is the first time I've commented. Please forgive me?

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  2. So pretty! And so nice to see Patchy's other eye. :)

    My biggest heartache working with knits is sourcing them economically. I only have two big box fabric stores and their knit selection is scanty. Ordering online requires a yard or more which is usually more than I need. Waa waaa waaa, right?

  3. I prefer sewing with knits. I find them to be forgiving.

  4. It does make me a bit nervous to sew knits. I even have a serger. I fear seams going wavy or pulling. I once tried to make my daughter a unitard for dance class... the little legs were so small that I made the mistake of stretching them to fit around the arm of the machine. Have you ever seen a bell-bottom unitard? I have, and it ain't pretty!

    And knit always seems to be pricier around here. If I get cheap knit, it's a terror to work with. And if I spend a bit of coin on it, I never want to use it for fear of totally messing it up.

    I'm a totally irrational fabric hoarder.*

    *I am also a totally irrational stationery and pen hoarder. I hate to use them up.

  5. I love that knits are actually pretty forgiving. Except when I made that zipper hoodie pattern of yours and lined it with waffle knit. That kicked my butt. I'm at it again with your fabulous pattern and a more stable knit lining this time. Hopefully it'll be finished before Vinny outgrows it.

  6. I'm scared of knits! So there!

  7. any time you want a little diva for modelling you can have tiny. She loves having pictures taken and will twirl for hours and pose and smile and demand to see every picture thats been taken!
    I have done knit fabric once and it worked fine, just a case of finding the right stitch on the machine. Its a case of what you don't know doesn't intimidate you!

  8. I fear knits stretching out of shape when I have to seam rip (which I inevitably do at some point over a garment). And they're expensive and I actually can't even find good quality jersey in a single one of the various fabric shops I frequent. And my twin needles break all the time.

    I'm sort of hoping that you're asking because you're going to magically solve all these things with one fabulously helpful and witty - as always! - post. Yes? Pretty please??

  9. Nice skirt.
    My trouble with knit fabrics (having never actually sewn with them) is that all the tutorials on sewing with knits tell you to use zig zag stitch or other "modern" functions which my 1955 straight stitch machine doesn't understand. Any tips on how to get around this? Or am I doomed to avoid knits until I give in and let my mum rehome one of her newer machines with me?

  10. You know what they say: Never work with animals and children.

    Mind you, I've never had a dog gurn at me!

    Lovely pics and good luck with the next lot as it gets colder and wetter.... Sorry, you don't need me to tell you that :)

  11. yeah I am petrified of knit fabrics! I did once make a stretchy baby vest, and it came out OK, but I don't like anything that makes me sweary.

  12. I'd really like a go with knit fabric - just can never find any nice patterned ones. No dull plains for me! Where do you get yours from?

  13. Kind of late to the party, but I love the skirt!

    I like sewing knits, but the thing I'm veering away from is the applique stuff. I have read how to do it, I've even got (I think) all the stuff, but not the bottle to go through with it! Also doing that lettice hem thing without a serger would be interesting!