Tuesday 22 November 2011


The Leaning Tower of Booties

It's High School Flashback Pop Quiz time.

baby booties 002

Guess who found more than forty pairs of baby shoes in a bag in their old craft closet?

Clue: It is not Imelda Marcos.


  1. I need to get my eyes checked ... when I first saw your post, I thought it read "The Leaning Tower of Boobies"!! Booties are infinitely preferable! They are so cute too. :-D

  2. What beautiful fabrics, I love those shoes! Wish I had the patience to make so many pairs.

  3. How could you forget making so many ??! Maybe your brain intentionally wiped the experience from your memory :)
    They are lovely, are they for sale? Pipsqeak (for that is what my bump has been named) has loads of hand-me downs already and is not short of clothes, but is lacking in the bootee dept. and I feel deprived of retail therapy as I haven't had to buy any teeny vests, trews, sleepsuits etc.

  4. If you need rid of them you can send me the girlie ones!! Seriously!

  5. um. you forgot about 40 - as 4 and a 0 after that - pairs? dude. i too would be happy to help you unload those booties! a nephew is a-coming!