Monday, 9 April 2012


Adventures in negative ease

orange top full

After taking some time to mull over your most helpful advice on how to remove the drag lines from my Renfrew shirts, I concluded that if you don't want any wrinkles and pulls in a knit shirt, it needs to be tight. So I went down even smaller than size zero (although I stuck with 8 at the bust for the front piece), changed the fit through the shoulders and sleeves, and moved the neckline down.

orange top side

In short, I pretty much un-Renfrewed it.

orange top full 2

In no particular order, here are some things we're going to pretend never happened:
  • that I made a top out of this fabric
  • that I'm trying it on with red jeans
  • that I have a glaringly obvious dark coloured bra on
  • that there's all that detritus in the background
  • that my camera is still taking consistently terrible pictures

The good news is that I removed the drag lines. The bad news is that it's hello-police-I'd-like-to-report-an-indecent-exposure tight. Should I cut into precious fabric or make another muslin (with the changes you are going to tell me to make)?


  1. You should definitely cut another one... and send this one to me. hehe. I am positive it would fit and i LOVE that fabric. I AM sorry you are having such a hard time with this pattern. I have enjoyed my Renfrews, although I did wonder what ladies that actually have boobs do, since mine are a bit snug across the chest and I have less than an A cup.

  2. Wow! I think you look great, and the fabric isn't half bad, either.

  3. Ahhhhh you looks freaking fabulous! The arms and shoulders are absolutely perfect. I have this... 'ahem' bust problem too... So I really have no advice as far as that goes. Is there such a thing as an FBA on a knit tee shirt?! I am going to re-do my Renfrew too... with 'accommodations'. Following this saga fervently. And the red jeans are bomb.

  4. It's not too tight! You have a splendid rack and this top fits it, and the rest of you, really well. It'd only be an indecent exposure if there was belly on show or the neckline was a LOT lower.

    The fabric is fab too, wear it with green or pink and the job's a good un.

  5. a) I <3 the red jeans.
    b) The fabric reminds me of Sheldon's doppler effect costume in Big Bang Theory.
    c) It's a great fit and I don't think it's indecent at all, but if you don't feel comfortable in it then that's your call. Just because you have bosoms doesn't mean that you're banned from wearing close fitting tops.

  6. I think it looks pretty good! It is tight, but you look great so its ok! The overall look does have a slightly "I'm out on the town with Shaft" look, but I think that's more the combination of the fabric and the red trousers, so worn with something else it wouldn't look like that (not that it looks weird like that, but that might be what's worrying you!). It would look nice with a pencil skirt in dark blue or something with a big bold necklace. The fit round the shoulders looks great, I always end up getting that wrong..

  7. I just bought jeans exactly the same as yours. Ok the top doesn't match the jeans, but I really don't think its tight at all, its just right.