Thursday, 26 April 2012


The Androgynist

A dolman top for the boy and the jury is still out, the judge is getting impatient, and it might just end in a mistrial.

stripey dolman TEXT

The hesitant model's immediate reaction was that it was 'for girls', but when questioned it was blamed on the fabric rather than the style.

stripey dolman boy side

The quite-conservative husband thought it was fine for boys.

stripey dolman boy full

The nothing-if-not-predictable Maia wished this top was hers.  Which it might be.

stripey dolman urbane

And wishy-washy ol' me think it would probably be fine for boys, although if in doubt it could be masculinised with an applique, a more boy-centric print, or perhaps the subtitution of a normal hem for the waistband.

stripey dolman orton

What say you:  A-okay or pre-book therapy?

Bonus topic of conversation: How much does everyone love Picmonkey?  I like it even more than Picnik!  Last two pictures have filters on them. Urbane and Orton if you're a naturally curious person.


  1. I think it's great... very stylish, and brilliantly just slightly different from the norm. Why do all boy things have to have a monster/vehicle/superhero appliqued on to show that it's for them anyway?

  2. Right I'm sold.... This is defo a unisex top and I have the perfect jersey print for it!! Can't wait for the sew-along... Will the pattern be a PDF download?? Can't wait!! PS loving the picmonkey! :)

  3. Looks good to me, but then I don't have a boy so don't have boy issues to bear in mind!

  4. I think it looks fine, it reminds me of Waldo!

  5. It's a nice shaped top and I think it works as unisex. I think the aspect that makes it seem girly is the waistband, if you tried it with just a straight bottom it would instantly look more traditionally boyish.

  6. I've just got a boy and I'd definitely put him in something like this when he's older. Having not paid much attention to boys clothes before I am just realising how very dull they are.

  7. Never mind the top....(which is great btw), how long has it taken him to perfect that wink?? :-)

  8. Looks great as a boy shirt!

    Also, picmonkey is pretty nice, but I can't wait for them to roll out the collage function!

  9. I'm with stresshead red, take the waistband off and it's boytacular. Mebbes you could do a two option pattern, one version with waistband and one version without? Then peeps could please themselves :)

  10. i like it and agree re the waistband! the stripes look great! very where's wally (as we call him in the UK) as someone said above!

  11. My 9-year-old boy thought it was perfectly fine. Then he said, "Did somebody make that?" I said, "Yeah, his mom made it." He said, "Huh, pretty good." Funny.