Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Robots in disguise. As kung fu masters.

robot shirt 2
Benign-ness is obviously a trait passed on from the maternal side

If I didn't know better, I'd think that someone had been watching too much America's Next Top Model with all these editorial shoots we've been having.

robot shirt 5

Actually, it's more like: too much Power Rangers.

robot shirt 9

Which by definition is any Power Rangers.  Maybe they (and yes, Maia has been bitten by the Power Rangers bug too) are watching it ironically? 

robot shirt 13

The things we tell ourselves to make it feel better.

NB for people who are here for technical fabric information and not Power Rangers (ie everyone): this is just about the nicest knit in the world to sew.  Soft yet firm, stable, very little curling of edges, and perfectly on grain.  Non-sewers, awesome tee is this way.


  1. He is VERY cute though, even when being a power ranger.

  2. So cute! But embrace the Power Rangers, because the very odd Adventure Time will follow.

  3. I would *soooo* wear that. Not as attractively as Jamie, admittedly. But I would.

  4. What a funky t-shirt .. lovely pics

  5. Fantastic fabric... The power ranger model is too cute too!