Friday 13 April 2012


The unintended consequences of being tidy

I had an epic five hour cull / clean / organise of our bedroom today and look what I found under the bed!

missoni detail

Before you think I am so rich and privileged that I could forgot I had genuine Missoni fabric under the bed, it was in a vacuum pack. After coveting it hardcore over a long period of time, when a discount code popped up last summer I bought it right up.  It should have been about £35 a metre! Of course, about two days after buying this spendy fabric Missoni collaborated with Target and I felt marginally jaded.  Day-dreams of people thinking that I was wearing a designer dress were replaced with thoughts of people thinking I was wearing a Target dress.  Which is absolutely fine, before anyone says 'Hey you jerk, I wear Target dresses.' It just didn't tally with my year-long covetfest.  So half through petulance and half through not knowing what to do with it, I stashed it away safely.

missoni selvage

But just look at those pretty colours.  I can't stay mad at those zigzags. Or that selvage (although I reserve the right to get mad if I attempt to keep them and have to hand-sew them to massively tidy them up). 

And now we have a Plan C* for the party (in six sewing sleeps), and that is to use the Missoni for something simple and sheathy like this:

Source Pinterest

It's a sweater knit with enough stretch that I shouldn't have to resort to zippers, but the weave is loose enough that it should probably be lined.

Today's burning question:  Best plan ever or waste of semi-precious horded fabric?
Bonus points: If I had this fabric I would ___________.

*Plan A: make a Macaronesque dress, Plan B was the much less stupid 'wear one I already have'


  1. I'm not a big fan of the whole knitted zig zaggy Missoni thing, but that dress totally looks do-able.
    And If I had this fabric I would ... sell it!

  2. I would make a duster/long cardi which I could wear over a self-colour sheath dress but also with jeans and other stuff.*

    *please note this answer assumes I have both your amazing sewing skills and great figure which is, alas, far from the truth.

  3. I would make the dress, assuming you are sure that style suits you, it would look amazing in that fabric!

    If I had this fabric I would also make a simple dress that could be dressed up or down to get maximum wear out of such beautiful fabric!


  4. Truthfully? If I was you? I would send it to me :D

  5. This is some fabulous fabric!! A darted shift dress would look cool, but matching the zigzags might drive you batty. That's the sort of fabric where you want a design with as few seams as possible, which means fewer opportunities for shaping.

  6. It's very pretty. I think it would work nicely for the pattern you are looking at. I would probably make a maxi skirt out of it. I love knit maxi skirts.

  7. I think that's a really good choice of pattern for that fabric. If it was mine I'd do something similar....maybe Vogue 1250?

  8. I think that pattern looks like a great match for the fabric, keeping it simple is definitely the way to go to let that fabric shine. Good luck, and hope you rekindle your love for it.

  9. I went absolutely crazy for Missoni for Target: luggage, scarves, underwear, but no clothes. They weren't as cute as the acessories! That fabric is great, it would also make a cute summer weight cardigan.

  10. I would give it to my blog partner for her bday, who would end up wearing it unhemmed and unaltered as a wrap to the ultra chic design oriented Alt conference this year! (picture of her wearing it in the second picture of this post:

  11. I'd make a cute wrap dress! It's a georgeous fabric~