Thursday, 12 April 2012


Tartans and Macarons

Ever wonder what fifty tartan sashes look like all stacked up? Well, wonder no longer:

fifty tartan sashes

Steven's aunt and uncle are having a very swish anniversary party next weekend and I was commissioned to sew up fifty sashes for the ceilidh dancing.  I definitely brushed up on my cutting in a straight line, sewing in a straight line, and ironing skillz.  Oh dear god, the ironing.

With seven sewing days to go, I'm still considering making my dress.  And would you believe I'm thinking about revisiting the abortive Macaron?  That's right, this one:

To augment the process I'm thinking I could probably Frankenpattern it with my self-drafted posh dress pattern:

The bodice and waistband are already well fitted (including the eleventy bust darts), but I'd have to re-draw the neckline.  And fabric yardage constraints might mean I will have to un-Macaron the skirt too. So really I guess I would be channelling the spirit of the Macaron whilst doing the hard drafting work myself.

What say you- a plan or a folly?

**Addendum: Actually I could just wear the dress pictured above but that lacks the last-minute pathos and panic that I have grown accustomed to.


  1. It doesn't matter what we say, you know you're going to anyway :P

  2. All I can think about is your 666 blog followers. You really are a devil woman!

    Draft the dress, and make it red ;-)

  3. I love the stack of sashes - very cool. I always get scared that my dance school is going to ask me to do something like that now that they know I can sew.

  4. Hey - you've just made 50 tartan sashes... after that, I'm sure that making the dress will be a cinch!

  5. At least any mistakes/gappage/excess fabric could be disguised by the tartan sash??!!

  6. The problems on the Macaron all sound like too big a size, too small a bust. Maybe cut a smaller size and do a FBA? Or sew up all eleventy of the other dress's darts. Either way will look great, I'm sure.

  7. I love the posh dress - I say Franken it with the bust on Macaron, make it in tartan and pass it off as a Vivienne Westwood dress!