Tuesday, 17 April 2012


The Stripey Missoni Muslin

missoni muslin full

It's down to the wire here, with only three sewing sleeps until the soirree and I'm still swithering about cutting into my Missoni fabric.  The first draft and mock-up over the weekend was, shall we say... less than successful.  Which is a particular shame as I used the fabric I intended for the lining fabric.

missoni muslin neck and sleeve

Most of the fitting issues from the never-to-be-shared muslin one were through the upper bust and arms.  The dolman sleeves were too tight and pulled the neckline wider than it should have been, baring my bra straps.  And my shoulders. 

missoni muslin back

It was also too tight across my hips and upper thighs so I added some extra ease.  Version one went straight down from my hips; stripey version two tapers a little bit.

missoni muslin side

The side view is still causing me angst as the bosoms are being smashed pretty flat.  I am hoping that this is because the stripey fabric has very little stretch to it.  It also feels kind of nasty, in case you're wondering.  I suspect it's acrylic.

missoni muslin belted

And finally with a belt, because if I do make the Missoni, it'll probably be belted.  And at least three inches longer.  Muslin one was not this hootchy, I'm blaming the fabric again.

Proceed with caution or mission: abort?


  1. I think that looks fab so go go go!!

  2. it looks fab! you do have the figure for that style of dress. would definitely go a bit longer though, especially if ceilidh dancing is to be involved!

  3. You look great, of course, but the girls are indeed getting smooshed. Do you have Vogue 1250? It would look amazing in the stripe and I didn't have to alter it to fit (I know!) and it is only two pattern pieces so stripe matching and sewing would be easy and fast.

  4. Love it, and you look fab in it! GO GO GO!!! Don't stop now!

  5. Never mind the dress....I want your figure!......Im gonna have to do some serious bootcamp when this baby pops!.....On a sewing note, I say go for it, the cut suits you perfect and i actually dont mind the length!

  6. This dress is c-u-t-e! I suggest moving forward.

  7. You have an amazing figure and the dress is really sweet, simple but damn sexy.

  8. I have no doubt you should march on... The dress will look ace as will you!! Good Luck although you really don't need it. I look forward to seeing the end result :)

  9. Definitely go for it, but agree added length is a must if you are to be thrown around by lots of strapping Scottish men :0)

  10. Well, I think it looks great.

  11. Hot hot hot! Forward, ever forward....