Thursday 8 August 2013


Peacocks in Americana

peacock 3

I find it so hard to get back into the blog after a lengthy holiday; jet-lag, lack of childcare, the inevitable crushing post-family-time black dog.  I make too many things.  We do too much.  I take too many pictures.  Having a camera and a brain that simultaneously synchronise and (occasionally) take reasonable pictures is of course a joy, having a new camera that takes eight frames per second and a trigger finger means that I have thirty six hundred pictures from our trip.  Obviously at least 3500 of them are blurry.  Anyway, the conclusion to this very sad tale is that I'm hoping to blog them in bite size chunks as-and-when I find the time. 

peacock 2

So.  Cousins, amirite? Always wanting coordinating peacock skaters to stand on stumps. And who am I to deny them?

peacocks 4

Purple trim to match the new purple sunglasses!  Or purple sandals if you're that way inclined... 

peacock 1

These pictures were taken at the playground behind the library in my parents' town. Just because I don't think I have before, I thought I'd share some pictures of the town where I grew up!
Norfolk Collage 2
For those outside the US, a slice of small-town New England Americana.  For those inside the US, a chance to say 'Meh, no big deal.'

peacocks 5

And finally, in Things That Are Meta: Maia bought a Farmer doll at the Farmers' Market. 


  1. Really very cute dresses I should make some for my two girls they would love them

  2. Your home town looks beautiful. I love how the girls are so co-ordinated - they both look gorgeous!

  3. Just discovered your blog - absolutely love the bold fabric patterns you choose.

    I have a feeling you're the perfect woman to ask....any suggestions for what to make with my recent fabric purchases?