Monday 19 August 2013


To the Power of Four


In today's installment of Things That Happened A Month Ago, here are some pictures of our family trip to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

isla 4

The only new make in the kids' sartorial expedition was this butterfly skater for my niece. We love wearing butterfly dresses to the butterfly house in this family.  Their brightly coloured clothes did cause a bit of butterfly commotion.

Maia and Isla

The girls are close in age and just a tiny bit different in height but I officially graduated Isla into the 7/8 so she can still wear it next summer.  Maia is wearing her Summer Forest skater in 5/6 from last year.

Calvin jumping

My nephew's tank top is also one of my last-summer makes.  For my tank tops I use my sleeveless skater bodice lengthened and it's good to go.  So quick to make, which is lucky as I do all my pre-holiday sewing the night before we leave.

jamie and isla 1

Last but not least, Jamie is sporting last year's Dolman.  It was pretty slouchy on him last year but now it's a perfect fit.

way to zoo

Of course, the approach to the zoo (and all of the great play equipment inside) were just as much fun as seeing the animals.  If not more.  Kids, amirite?


  1. Hi Amanda - Looks like the kids all had a terrific day out!! Just wondering about the neckband of the blue clouds tshirt - how did you do that? Did you just cut the jersey and treat it as if it was ribbing (ie. serge to the inside and then topstitch in place?) It isn't done with your super band was just wondering your secret for doing this one! :o)

    1. Yes, it's just a strip of the main fabric applied in the same way as ribbing (serged on the fold and then topstitched). I do this quite a lot for a clean finish, Maia's skater and Calvin's tank have the same treatment!

  2. Very cute! You wouldn't be able to lose those kids in a crowd!