Saturday, 17 August 2013


This just in: Everything your heart desires

Another big box through the door and it contained extreme majesty. I've restocked Pretzels, Butterfly, and bright orange plain jersey, added five new prints, and two new colours of plain jersey. I've uploaded them all to the shop, but I'll tell you a bit about them too!
New Lillestoff Collage

Air Balloons is down-right adorable.  It features rows of stripey air balloons with a variety of animal passengers- rabbits, pigs, foxes, and squirrels- in a bright turquoise sky with clouds, rainbows, and robins.

Happy Girls is my favourite.  It features a riotous scene with a variety of (you guessed it) happy girls, prancing speckled horses, squirrels in fedoras, and butterflies amidst apple trees, flowers and houses. I KNOW, TOO MUCH ADORABLENESS. Those horses, I die.

Missing Duck has some retro-style going on.  It features a meandering river scene of ducks, frogs, and fish with retro style suns and flowers.  I get almost as much pleasure from the names of fabrics as from the fabrics themselves.  I'm assuming they refer fairy tales outside my frame of reference but I enjoy them.  Which leads us neatly to...

Jack and Frog Friends.  Do you like your frogs with a side of hipster?  Then this is the fabric for you: a smattering of googly-eyed frogs catching flies from their lily-pads while wearing a variety of hipster glasses. Fantastic.

Last of the prints, Lemondot!  This is a large-scale citrus print in blue and green on a bright lime green background. From a distance they resemble polkadots but up close they're clearly sliced citrus.

Finally, I have a yellow plain jersey. This one is sunflower coloured to coordinate with a lot of the new prints.  For reasons unknown to me, this is a 100% organic cotton rather than a blend with elastane.  That means it's not as heavy as the other jerseys, but it has a softer handle and a really beautiful drape.  It's also 180 cm wide!

Last but not least, a jeans jersey! It has a woven texture that makes it feel a heavier weight than the plain 95% cotton / 5% elastane jerseys despite having the same fabric content. The reverse of the fabric is a soft off-white.  Can you say jeggings?


  1. "Happy girls" remains me Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, both Pippi and Annika. I love it, one side of my brain tells me, you have two boys, another side is saying, order it, who cares.