Thursday 29 August 2013


This just in: Happy Elephants are even happier, Gourds more gorgeous than imagined

Two new fabrics arrived yesterday in a stunning plum / mustard / petrol / green / dark brown / white that only the most dyed-in-the-wool-purple-haters could dislike. The rest of us are immune to their guiles.
New Znok Collage

Did you admire the cheerful nature of cherry red Happy Elephants? Now the Elephants have even more reason to be happy with a bang-on-trend folklore pattern on their backs.  For the coordinating fabric to the right, I admit I had to look up 'Kurbits' for an English translation...  Would you believe that it means 'Gourds'?!  Never has a vegetable of the Cucurbitaceae persuasion looked so appealing in fabric form.  Both have been listed in the shop for those inclined.

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  1. Need to start sewing for my two girls and those elephants may be perfect - now to find a pattern