Friday, 30 August 2013


The Two Tone iPhone

iphone cover with text

Hark, Rejoice! It's Friend Sarah's birthday!  But what to you make the girl who has already been the recipient of everything that's in my powers to make has everything?  Although I had my suspicions that a ten+ year friendship with yours truly was gift enough, I thought I should cover my back.

iphone cover open

And her phone.  Coincidentally matching wrapping paper for the win!

iphone cover chevrons 2

I picked up both of these leather pelts at Edinburgh Fabrics earlier this year (forgetting that I already had royal blue at home) because my memory is short and orange and blue are irresistable together.  I played around with a lot of shapes for the design on the back and almost made a variegated triangle design  before settling on a chevron effect. So 2012, I know.

iphone cover reinforced back flap

Both of the pelts are thin and supple but the orange proved almost too much so- it was almost stretchy.  So I made a last minute call to reinforce the strap with another layer of blue for stability.

iphone cover strap detail 2

And another triangular layer of orange to catch on the strap if it starts to distort and grow. Although Sarah has a long and illustrious career as a phone cover loser, I don't want her to also be a phone loser.


  1. Amanda I LOVE your sense of humour and I think if your tongue was anymore in your cheek it would be out the other side.

    I'm so fortunate to count you as a friend!

    Also I love your 2012 chevrons!

  2. Love this Have never worked with leather - may need to give it a try

  3. Nice work.I would like to make more craft based gifts but not all of us have got your skill I am afraid