Friday 23 August 2013


Happy Elephant Yoga Shorts hit Cape Cod Bay

cape cod bay 1

In preparation for our holidays I made a dramatic departure from my expected routine of only making Skaters, Tanks and Dolmans and rustled up a new pattern for shorts.  As I've mentioned since time immemorial, Maia is wovens-averse. And elastic-averse.

cape cod bay

And in the genetic lottery, the recipient of not only her share of rear-end but the whole family's.  That makes for tricky trouser / shorts fittings and rules out almost all store-bought bottoms without alterations.  It took three muslins with adjustments to the back width and rise before I was happy with the fit.  In comparison, my sylph-hipped niece:


rainbowphant shorts 2

Perfect fit right off my original draft!  Poor Isla had her heart set on a Rainbowphant dress (haven't we all?) but only a small piece in the stash meant it had to be shorts.  I love how little fabric shorts require and wish we lived in a climate where we could wear All The Shorts.


CC bay collage
Shorts and tanks and dolmans and skaters were donned for our nature walk in Cape Cod Bay.  We saw lots of creatures and even some hot, hot horseshoe crab loving.

cape cod bay 5

There was much flailing and splashing to cool down.

cape cod bay 3

And even a mid-expedition Roly-Poly switcheroo from Elephant side to Sakura side for reasons I can't remember.

cape cod bay 2

Jamie schooled his young cousin in the art of brooding.

Nailed it.



  1. kitschy coo storms the cape... love it!

  2. um, PLEASE the short pattern, PLEASE!!! Similarly shaped daughter struggling in anything but skater dresses here...

    And enjoy your holidays :-)

  3. Hahha Jamie! Fun post and I LOVE the fabrics as always!