Sunday, 24 October 2010


Animal bum leggings

I'm not normally in the habit of sharing kids clothes that I didn't sew with mine own fair hands, but I'm making an exception on the grounds of adorable-ness. To jump on the theme of the blogging world this week, if you complain about this publicly or even insinuate that I'm less than awesome, I WILL SUE YOU. Speaking of awesome, how about these ones?

I first saw the tip off about these tights/ leggings on Bambino Goodies and I rushed right over to their Ebay shop to peruse the full selection:

It was hard to pick just three but without Maia involved in the decision making I could at least avoid the inevitable pink, pink and pink. Panda ones are my favourite.


  1. So cute! I love them. And I fully expect, knowing you, that you will mod your leggings pattern and start churning these out in equally adorable patterns. Am I right? :)

  2. The second line of this post is ten shades of 'awesome' and thanks not only for the giggle but for the mention too. Please don't sue me.

  3. Thank you, that's a Christmas present for my niece and munchkin sorted.