Thursday, 14 October 2010


Retro Rocket Quilt

rocket boy quilt 012

Friend Sarah's sister is due her first baby this week and commissioned me to make a couple of things for him.

rocket boy quilt 007

This is only the second quilt I've made and I spent a very long time drafting different patterns on graph paper before I got started.

rocket boy quilt 009

I used a rocket, polkadot and red/white/blue colur scheme, with a Thinsulate interior and red flannel backing. I was going to quilt it with wavy lines but I lost my nerve. I'm not sure quilting is for me.

Thankfully, I was also allowed a project within my comfort zone: an appliqued t-shirt. The baby is called 'Sherpa' in utero (don't ask me why!) so I fused some white jersey letters to an organic khaki t-shirt and stitched them on with red thread. The t-shirt is tiny and the letters even tinier so getting the stitching around all the curves and angles involved a lot of pivoting!

We never had nickname for the kids while gestating but it seems pretty common... did you have nicknames for yours?


  1. I feel your quilting pain. I can do it but don't really enjoy it and always think i'm making an arse of it.

    And our bump's nickname?

    Baby Bears :)

  2. the quilt looks amazing to me... I got as far as making 4 quilt blocks then abandoned the project as I lost faith in my ability...

    the Boy was nicknamed the Bean while in bump form... also Vile Little Vampire (as I was very ill the whole time) I may not have told M that I called H that before he was born.

  3. Elise was nicknamed Jellybean by the girls in my work when I was pregnant. We never had any for the boys.

    Your quilt is gorgeous - my grandmother-in-law made beautiful quilts for the boys and a playmat for Elise, she's very talented when it comes to these things.

  4. Elizabeth was called Hughie because he made me feel so ill!! Francesca was called Peter because Elizabeth said it was a boy baby. Nathaniel was called Albert (don't ask) which is now his middle name as it kinda suited him. And Sebastian was called Sebastian because we could see his willy on the scan. Phew! Love the quilt :)

  5. Love that quilt A, its great!! Our bumps never had a nickname, as soon as we knew the sex they were pretty much named the names they have now!! How's the pattern drafting going, looking forward to getting my pattern to try for Little Miss H!

  6. Love it!! I tried a small quilt once, I too chickened out on the wavy line quilting...and the binding...but I am better with the binding now. Try on a small quilt - Like on a fat quarter, just to see if you like the way it turns out.
    Great job!

  7. That is a beautiful quilt! I love the rocket fabric.

    My first was nicknamed Babbit, long story about me wanting a rabbit but ending up with a baby instead and rabbit turned into Babbit- baby rabbit! I really can't remember what we called the second, I feel like an awful mother now! We chose her name very early on so we used that a lot. And my 3rd was Squishy after the tiny jellyfish in Finding Nemo. When he was born my daughter thought his name was actually Squishy.

  8. what a great quilt! I think a quilt is next on my list of new projects. We called my son "Nacho" in utero..don't remember why...but I actually have a photo of me with "Nacho" written on my very pregnant belly!

    Thanks for you sweet comment on my's nice to be missed :)

  9. Quilting is like my kryptonite - totally can't make it look right. I've been a garment sewist for too long. That Sherpa tee is cute! Nice stitching on the teeny weeny letters!
    I tend to use sort of generic names for my fetuses before we decide on the actual name. Actually, I call them fetus and parasite quite often - nice, I know. This one is getting called the wee professor a lot...

  10. Oh, I'd love the quilt pattern dimensions! I have some fabric that I don't want to cut for a quilt but the bigger blocks look great.

    As for nicknames, no. We never had any which is why we found out the sex and just called them their name.

  11. That's a lovely quilt.

    Kathryn was known as bump and also wriggler (she was never still - still isn't now though), but other than that just "the baby".

  12. Love the quilt, I have one on my to-do list!

    The Whirlwind was nicknamed bubble due to the fact that I had a scan at 6wks and all we could see in the picture was a bubble!

    This nick name has stuck and been extended to bubble-butt!

  13. I love both, so cute!

    We called Rylee "wee bean" in utero because it seemed like all the early size things were beans, i.e. "You are X weeks gestation. Your baby is the size of a lentil/kidney bean/etc. this week!"

  14. Love the quilt - I've never been brave enough to attempt a quilt, but I might make one with this tute one day:
    Munchkin was called Clemenpom while she was growing, because I was mad for citrus fruit throughout my pregnancy, and I once bought some clementines with little 'Clemenpom' labels on them :)

  15. my boy was nicknamed Gonzo, after I referred to him as "the muppet" boy did I feel guilty after he came out blue, fortunately local hospital worked like mad and he pinked up quickly and 3 lumbar punctures later was released from the special care unit...

    We have never called him gonzo since...

  16. I like the quilt! Nice one. And I don't think it needed wavy lines - it looks good as it is.

    I've never been involved with, or responsible for, a bump, but I'm sure there would have been a nickname, if I had been....

  17. i never had nicknames for my kids, but my brother & SIL nicknamed their first bump Chubb. 14 Years later and everyone in our families still call him Chubb even tho his name is Kaleb (which is what all his school friends know him as thankfully). good thing he is a skinny kid..

  18. Our nickname was Little Johnny, even when he was but a mere glint in his daddy's eye. Once we knew I was expecting a boy, and given I had no better ideas, Johnny stuck. Now I can't imagine him any other way. He's definitely not little though - was 10 pound 2oz when he was born.

    Really love the Sherpa top. Gorgeous!

  19. Love the quilt. Very nice for only your second one!
    When our middle child was gestating we called him Thorange. Yes, odd and weird. Before we found out if the baby was a boy or girl, my daughter (who was 3 at the time) started telling people, "I am having a baby brother and we are going to name him Orange." No clue where this came from and she would tell anyone who would listen. So that's part of the nickname. The other part is because we had a hard time coming up with a name, and people love to ask you what you are naming the baby. My husband and I decided we would start telling people that we were naming him a crazy name, and we came up with Thor. We would tell people with a straight face and loved the reaction we would get. So much fun. Well, after a bit the two got merged and we ended up with Thorange.

    I am sure you were not asking for such a long drawn out story... :)

  20. Beautiful quilt!

    We called our daughter 'Baby Strongbad' because on the ultrasound she looked like she was wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. He's a character on

    She doesn't know this, and we will never tell her, mwah ha ha!