Sunday, 3 October 2010


Have I gestated a latent comedy genius?

Jamie and Maia are really missing each other now that he's at school all the time. When he stands in line with his class in the morning, Maia and I stand on the grass at the side and she repeatedly runs over for one last kiss and cuddle from her brother. And at pick up time it's like the slow-motion-running-across-the-field-to-embrace cinema experience. She's obviously on his mind too, because look what he drew for her at school:

Maia in the sky with diamonds

We could talk about how adorable this is that they're so devoted to each other. Or we could go off topic and discuss Flowers in the Attic. But instead, let's revel in the artistic representation of Maia.... Anyone else seeing this?
For those of you who live in a closet under the stairs, that's Hyperbole and a Half, perhaps the funniest blog in the whole world. If you're not au fait, go and follow now. This is my absolute favourite post.


  1. *snort*

    that movie used to freak me out... then I read the book... hmm yeah *shudder*

  2. thats spooky I was telling my daughter about this book only the other day....

  3. How have I not seen that blog before? I have just done snorty crying laughter reading the post about the tooth removal and the party.

  4. You just made me snort with laughter AGAIN!! Remember reading flowers in the attic when I was teenager.

  5. Oh I found that blog a few weeks ago and spent and entire day sitting on the sofa laughing at it.
    I think that's so sweet they miss each other so much.
    I love when I get the kids I pick the boys up first then go round to get Elise from nursery and the minute she see's them she throws herself across the room at them squealing! I don't get a look-in.

  6. that truly may be the funniest blog in the world, thank you.

  7. I'll check out that blog, but I have to tell you that I thought Maia drew the first picture and that it was children surrounding a giant pink booby (complete with black nipple, no less). You know, because she's always talking about your...well, never mind.