Monday 8 December 2008


Cheering myself up

I did another frozen seven hour stretch at an outdoor market yesterday and another seven hour indoor market today. Despite last weekend being busy and selling heaps, this weekend was so quiet. Does anybody know where all the Christmas shoppers were this weekend?!

I'm feeling a bit down about sacrificing a whole weekend for nowt, so I thought I'd share something that recently made me laugh.

I originally saw this on Have I got News for You a couple of weeks ago, and I looked up the source tonight. Some very funny things on his website! Anyway, it is a series of emails between a man and a company pursuing an overdue bill... You might have already seen it as I guess it was really popular, but as I only really talk to Jamie and Maia (and occassionally Steven), no one told me about it.

She rejects the spider in lieu of payment so he asks for her to return the drawing...

When we were having the ridiculous problems with Scottish Gas and Scottish Power, I wish I had done something like this!

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