Wednesday 10 December 2008


Free giveaway of this hippo / frog twirl dress

I had a picture in my head for twirly christmas dresses for Maia and Isla using the red and green fabrics I have. Frogs and hippos aren't very Christmassy but the colours fit and I don't generally do what's expected of me.

Anyway, it imagined it with a spotty bodice and four tiers so very twirly. I ignored the fact I hate gathering and calcuated all the tiers. First three I gathered with clear elastic, then I ran out (final tier was more than four yards wide) and did dental floss / zig zag. Right near the end of gathering the final tier (and at 2AM) the floss snapped. Then I snapped. And I more or less just gathered with my fingers and pinned a lot.

It's a toss up as to who dislikes it more, me or dd. She's not into the Twirl. Maybe I would like it more if it wasn't so big on her. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm actually pretty pleased with my first constructed twirl dress, it just doesn't do for us!

So I'd like to give this dress away to someone who would appreciate it (does this person exist!?). It's a generous size 2T and she had it on for literally 45 (very clean) seconds.
All I'd like in return is a comment on this post, with... hmm... what you'd like for Christmas most (other than the hippo frog dress of course). I'll be taking it with me to the States tomorrow, so depending which side of the Atlantic you are on, the winner might not get it until after Christmas. But I will randomly pick a winner on Friday 12PM East Coast time. Please leave your email address if I can't get you through Blogger. I'll post it as soon as I have the winner's address.


  1. That is so stinkin cute. I don't like to gather either. What a pain. I will give the giveaway a twirl. Hee Hee.

    Teresa Reed
    185 Old State rd. lot 7
    Broadalbin, NY 12025

  2. Oh I should have read the original post completely. What I want for Christmas is for my youngest brother to get his life together and stop making bad choices.

    Teresa Reed
    185 Old State rd. lot 7
    Broadalbin,NY 12025

  3. oh that is cute! how kind of you to give it away. I love your daughter's expression in the last pic - my wee girl tends to make that face when she puts on the hats her grandma knits her...

    for Christmas I'd like Rachel Allen's "Bake!" book and some pie dishes for all the comfort food I'm planning to get us through the winter. Oh, and a week alone in the house in the new year to get some cleaning, sewing and writing done!

    Hope you have a great holiday and a good time with your family!

  4. I have been trying for the last 8 months to make a twirly dress "a la vegbee" but even my daughter looks at the patchwork basket and shakes her head sadly. Gathering SUCKS!
    Anways what I most want for christmas is a serger but since economy is more than a little tight around here (everywhere really!) I'd be happy with some IKEA fabric. Merry Christmas!!

    Brenda Lugo
    20 Hickory St
    Ellenville, NY 12428

    PS Great to see you found a way to keep sewing after moving the kids around!!!

  5. Okay, so my daughter wouldn't fit into this WONDERFUL dress until next christmas... so I will wait for giveaway round two with this dress.
    I will still tell you what I want for Christmas... for my Darling daughter to sleep through the night. Oh, and to be able to eat dairy, but I'm not really ready to stop nursing so I guess not really (my daughter has a reaction when I eat dairy you see).
    Persoanlly I would be happy with any of creations used. The coats, the dress, anything, they are all lovely. I guess I just need to pull out the old sewing machine. And tape my daughter to the wall so I can sew? nah... waiting is better.

    Liane Courtright
    Las Vegas, NV

  6. i love it!! so cute, sorry y'all don't feel the same :)

    for christmas, i wanted my hubby to not be in egypt for so long, (planned to be gone 5 weeks, leaving day after christas) and now he's only going to be gone for 3! :D

  7. I would like, other than the dress, something other than a hair dye and a box of After Eight mints in my stocking, which is what I got last year! Thanks for asking-please tell Santa! x

  8. Girls can be picky :). My bald little niece would fit in this perfect! It may have been made as a Christmas dress, but it looks perfect for year round. I SO need to get my hands on some Ikea fabric.

    For Christmas I would like 1 day to sew!!!! My life has been so crazy that besides a little sewing for money I haven't had time to make my kids any Christmas PJ's or Christmas outfits! My divorce finalized would be pretty sweet too... its only been 15 months and we agreed on everything!

    You probably already have my email from the coat I STILL haven't finished, but if not you can contact me via craftster or my blog to send me a quick email. I check them all at least once daily!

  9. I would like for peace to come and wraps it's arms around my mom.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
    (love the color combo!)
    621 Dumont Dr
    Richardson Texas 75080

  10. The dress would be perfect for my niece. What i want for christmas is a pink ipod.

  11. Very cute! For Christmas, I'd like a gift certificate to the fabric store!

  12. Very cute! I really like that hippo fabric. I tried to get it for my son's nursery but my husband wasn't having it. My daughter would love the dress.
    I originally visited your blog to check on the status of your coat pattern and I come across a free giveaway! How awesome is that?
    Now as far as what I would like for Christmas? It would be water hooked up to my fridge so that my ice maker will finally work. And I would love to have drawers put into my closet. The spot where they belong is not filled with a dresser that is older than I am and is falling apart. (See a theme here?) Who knows if I will actually get either of these things since my husband's work schedule has been crazy, and he's actually have to be home to get either of these done! :)

    I hope you're enjoying your trip to the states.