Friday 19 December 2008


'Hey kids, it snowed last night, how about we get ready to play outside?'

As I've probably mentioned before, I need to give the kids a bit of autonomy to get them on side and do the things we want them to do. So telling them to get ready to play out in the snow (i.e. get your hats and shoes on), looks something like this:

1980's Jane Fonda-esque styling. Cross dressing in sister's tights. Hat... halloween costume. Shoes... Incredible Hulk foot.

Okay, maybe not... this is the corrected version.

We were trying out the new sled from LL Bean on the driveway. As you can see, it wasn't a hit with everyone.
Please note the continued 'non-cooperation' stance.

She came around in the end though, and tolerated a ride on my lap. Just.

When Jamie got knocked over by the dog, I rushed to his side full of concern... would I get a good picture?

Isn't having kids brilliant?

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