Thursday 4 December 2008


I passed my citizenship test! (or not...)

This is what my post should have said today:

"I finally completed a Sudoku from Scotland on Sunday. While this may not be the official litmus test for citizenship of the UK, I will be sending in as corroborating evidence when I do get around to applying for citizenship here. I can do the News of the World Suduko in exactly 8 minutes every week, the Metro Sudoku in about 12 minutes, but the Scotland on Sunday has always eluded me. I was so proud to complete one, I ripped it out and photographed it as a reminder that the mighty feat was achieved at least once."

This is what my post does say today:


When I uploaded the picture to share my success with the world, upon admiring said photo one final time before sending it into the ether, I spied a pair of double 4s and 9s....

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