Monday, 15 December 2008


Close but no cigar...

We are now 95% to our destination, being 10 miles away at my cousin's house.  Having left a path of devastation and sleep disruption at my brother's house, we hit the road again yesterday and have at least made it to CT.We checked on the house yesterday, and the power lines were still down on the road (one still smoking 4 days after the storm!), so no electricity and no heat.   My cousin kindly put us up for the night in his lovely country house, fed us generously and copiously and capped the night with amazing homemade cinnamon ice cream. 

I have spoken to my mom this morning though, and the  power is finally on!  Whether or not we'll pass on the news to my cousin, who made us nutmeg ice cream pie for dessert tonight is yet to be seen....

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